Cyber Risks 2019 - 2024: How management is seeing the challenge?


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The management of cyberrisks is a challenge. For our current study, we asked CEO, managing directors, etc. how they assessed the challenges. We will present the key results of the study, that is based on questions like “What steps are you currently taking to minimize cyber risks?”. After presenting the key results, a discussion will be held on the challenges and actions in cyber risk prevention and management of the consequences of cyber attacks.


A key result of the study is that the importance of the cyber risk topic in companies is on mean, with a wide dispersion of responses to this question. The cyber risk challenges (costs etc.) are listed as above average. The participants will get an overview of which actions the study participants currently or in the future plan and in the following discussion the professional audience assesses them.

Marcus Stade

Marcus Stade is co-founder of InPignus GmbH and serial entrepreneur.