Hardware Hacking 101 - Group 2

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Start: 2019-03-24 14:00
End: 2019-03-24 18:00
Location: TÜV SÜD, Gebäude Newton, Ridlerstraße 57, 80339 München


The Hardware Hacking workshop is aimed to provide a solid base for everyone who would like to start with hardware hacking but does not know where to begin. The participants will learn how to approach unknown hardware, find and connect to debug ports as well as the process of turning documentation information into an offensive context which is also part of practical assignments during the training. Participants dealing with a mixed bag of theory with a hands-on hacking experience.

After the workshop the participant will have enough knowledge to continue hardware hacking on their own. It will also be a good base for further research on the topic.

There is no hardware hacking knowledge required from the attendees. However, good knowledge of computer science and linux command line is highly beneficial to complete assignments.

Let’s pwn that Router together!

Course outline:

  • What tools are used in hardware hacking
  • How to read the design of the hardware board (PCB)
  • What are the UART and JTAG interfaces and how can they be used for hardware hacking
  • What is SPI protocol and how to use it to dump the memory of the device
  • What are the differences in memory types
  • How to analyze the firmware
  • How to read data sheets



After Studying computer science, Johannes worked several years in different software development engagements and continued with academic research on biometric systems. In 2018, Johannes joined an automotive pentesting team based in Munich. He is also a frequent CTF player.




Computers and security was always a hobby for Radek and for many years also a professional career. Throughout the career Radek started on securing large networks and systems and transitioned afterwards into offensive security. At the moment Radek is working on a hardware and automotive hacking, exploitation and reverse engineering.