x86/x64 Reversing Workshop for Beginners

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Start: 2019-03-24 14:00
End: 2019-03-24 18:00
Location: TÜV SÜD, Gebäude Newton, Ridlerstraße 57, 80339 München


This workshop provide an introduction into reverse engineering of binary applications. It is designed as a “hands-on” event that provides a general introduction to this topic by reversing several small “crackmes”.

During the workshop, participants will use IDA (Free version) and a debugger to perform static/dynamic analysis of the binaries.

Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • Tool Overview (Command Line Tools, IDA, GDB with pwndbg, RetDec Decompiler, Hex Editors)
  • x86/x64 Assembler Crash Course
  • Function Calls and Calling Conventions
  • Debugging Symbols and Binary Stripping
  • Common Code Patterns and their Assembly Counterparts
  • Binary patching
  • Pratical Exercises and Crackmes


Participants must bring a Laptop that is capable of running a Linux VM (2 GB RAM, 6 GB HD). VMware and Virtual Box are supported. Having a two-button mouse helps but is not required.

Hans-Martin Münch


Hans-Martin Münch is the CEO of MOGWAI LABS GmbH, an infosec boutique with a strong emphasis on offensive security, based in Neu-Ulm. He also teaches the elective course “penetration testing” at the university of applied sciences Ulm.