Fucking Containers - how do they work?



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How do containers actually work? Explaining the magic behind containers, which and how kernel features are used and why certain simple examples from the internet should not run in production. Security implications and best practices for running containers successfully.


I will first review why containers got so popular in the recent years, the history and the advantages of using containerized applications. Next I’ll introduce the technical background of Docker, the kernel features which are used and what for. Next is on overview of the network part of running containers, also with a viewpoint on security. The next topic is the container image format, how containers are built and how this affects security and operations. Finally I’ll talk about container security in general, how all parts play together and what practices to avoid with tips on how to run containers as securely as possible.

Andreas Krebs


Starting with computers in the 80ies, I’m interested in technology ever since. I’m working in the cloud and automation field for the past several years and I’m highly interested in bringing more security to customers.