Meet the Team

The team

Christoph, Frederic, Georg, Stefan
Johannes, Claudia, Jenn
Dagmar, Morton
Jenn, Nicole, Ana


The combination of Site Reliability Engineering and working on planning and strategy for Google’s Technical Infrastructure have fit like a charm Ana’s previous experience as Software Developer, Technical Consultant and Network Admin. After having worked and studied in Germany, France and Romania, she tries to take into account the different cultural approaches to every challenge. Outside work, she enjoys dancing, hiking in the Alps and watching a good movie or play.


Immersed in diverse music and with a well-filled stash of cookies always at his side Christoph devotes free time to coding on random projects or hacking away at a CTF. While he descended from the blue range of his far Austrian mountains to work in Munich as a penetration tester, he still never quite got away from them: hiking and skiing are some favorite pastimes. Lately, he’s been learning Chinese: certainly, there is a way to decode that language also!


Coming from a non-technical background, Dagmar brings her knowledge of event organization to BSides Munich. Through previous experiences in stage management / production for theatre in the UK and US, as well as SciFi conventions in Germany, she teamed up with her husband to organize events for the computer security industry. Having lived and worked in a variety of countries, she enjoys traveling the globe and going to the theater.


Laura comes from a software engineering, distributed systems and networks background more than security, but she has an interest in the field. She brings experience in organising other conferences as a program chair of a SRE-focused industry conference. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, scuba diving and reading, and delights in cooking very spicy food.


Suffering from persistent earworms, Jenn works as an earthling pentester by day. Her nights are littered with tinkering, bouldering, jogging, coding, video-editing, music-making and TV-binging. She prefers to undertake difficult tasks with epic background music and perpetually seeks early-evening karaoke and jeans made for short-legged tall people. Jenn finds it difficult to fill this 70 word description because she’s used to describing things in less than 140 characters.


Coming all the way from Atlanta, GA USA to live in Germany, JennS is a seasoned Information Security Professional who has dabbled in all the InfoSec domains but her focus is in Risk Management, Audits, & Compliance. She was a former CISO, taught InfoSec courses at a University, and now employed at Oracle to lead their Security, Risk Management, and Compliance program for EMEA & APAC. While focused on her career, she also is a MOM to 2 active boys and a WIFE who all love to travel, enjoy the outdoors, and binge on eating, reading books and watching superhero movies.


Morton has been a pioneer in anti-virus and IDS research since it’s inception in the late 1980’s. After working on various anti-virus engines, from his own, through S&S International’s (now McAfee) to IBM, he moved on to designing novel security models in the IoT and compliance space. More recently, he has been working at Trend Micro in Threat Research.


Nicole is interested in technical gadgets and proudly calls herself owner of a Nintendo classic mini. She is working as an auditor and data protection consultant and likes to enhance her knowledge by taking correspondence courses. She spends time with studying, adjusting her modest private cloud services and sports.


Stefan likes breaking all sorts of technical things, which designates him for his job as penetration tester. Apart from cybery things, his big passion is extreme music, which he can be found playing or listening to all day and night long, only seldom interrupted by occasional hiking and gaming (with or without a pc).